Veterinary Radiology: Basic Prirnciples & Radiographic Positioning

Book Veterinary Radiology: Basic Prirnciples & Radiographic Positioning is available to download free in pdf format.

Veterinary Radiology: Basic Prirnciples & Radiographic Positioning

About Book

This textbook is to provide relevant information in a simple and practical style to the veterinary science students and practicing veterinarians of the developing countries. There is now an increasing awareness about the importance of radiology as a diagnostic aid even in ruminant practice. Many states of India have started equipping their field veterinary hospitals especially polyclinics with modem X-ray machines. Thus veterinary radiology is no more limited to the four walls of the teaching institutes. In order to establish a radiology unit and to obtain quality radiographs it is essential that basic principles are well understood. There are several excellent books on radiological physics and basic principles but are exhaustive as well as expensive. Most of these books are designed to meet the requirements of medical radiology. Therefore there was a need to project concise information which is easy to comprehend and is available in an economical edition. Moreover radiographic positioning protocols for ruminants have not been described in available books of veterinary radiology. This book is made with these objectives in view.

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