Mental Health and Well-being in Animals 2nd Edition

Book Mental Health and Well-being in Animals 2nd Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

Mental Health and Well-being in Animals 2nd Edition

About Book

Since publication of the first edition of this book, public concern for the well-being of animals has continued to increase throughout the world. In addition, advances in research over the past decade have yielded an enormous amount of knowledge about animal mental health and wellbeing. Studies on animal stress, distress, emotions, psychological trauma, and mental disorders have brought to light insights on how to care for and treat the animal mind. The second edition is:
Fully revised, expanded, and comprehensively updated with the most current knowledge about the full array of mental health issues seen in animals.
Written by key opinion leaders, internationally-recognized experts and specialists.
Comprehensive in its coverage, from the basic principles of mental wellness, emotional distress, suffering and mental illness, through to measurement and treatment.
Packed with even more practical information, wisdom and clinical tips.
This book remains invaluable to veterinary professionals, animal welfare researchers and advocates, and other animal caregivers.

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