PDQ Endodontics 2nd Edition

Book PDQ Endodontics 2nd Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

PDQ Endodontics 2nd Edition

About Book

PDQ Endodontics, second edition, is a revised, abridged version of the full text, Endodontics, sixth edition. This concise text covers diagnosis and treatment procedures. Specific sections of the text thoroughly address the access, cleaning and shaping, and the filling of the root canal system. Also examined are endodontic mishaps, endodontic emergencies, and the restoration of endodontically-treated teeth. Recent additions include the broadening use of MTA and the introduction to MTAD, the irrigant that not only removes the smear layer but disinfects the canal as well. Need-to-know information is well-supported by the extensive inclusion of color illustrations, making this an atlas of endodontic therapy.

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