Biocompatibility of Dental Materials

Book Biocompatibility of Dental Materials is available to download free in pdf format.

Biocompatibility of Dental Materials

About Book

This book provides a comprehensive and scientifically based overview of the biocompatibility of dental materials. Up-to-date concepts of biocompatibility assessment are presented, as well as information on almost all material groups used in daily dentistry practice. Furthermore, special topics of clinical relevance (e.g,, environmental and occupational hazards and the diagnosis of adverse effects) are covered. The book will:

  • improve the reader’s ability to critically analyze information provided by manufacturers
  • supply a better understanding of the biocompatibility of single material groups, which will help the reader choose the most appropriate materials for any given patient and thus prevent adverse effects from developing
  • provide insights on how to conduct objective, matter-of-fact discussions with patients about the materials to be used in dental procedures
  • advise readers, through the use of well-documented concepts, on how to treat patients who claim adverse effects from dental materials
  • feature

clinical photographs that will serve as a reference when analyzing clinical symptoms, such as oral mucosa reactions.

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