Burket’s Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment 10th Edition

Book Burket’s Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment 10th Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

Burket’s Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment 10th Edition

About Book

Lester Burket’s textbook on oral medicine has been in print for five decades and this 10th edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of this classic text. Thirty authors are involved in bringing together an exhaustive compendium of information with major changes from previous editions. The book is divided into four parts, part one dealing with principals of diagnostics, parts two and three dealing with oral and orofacial conditions and part four focusing on oral aspects of systemic disease. Each disease has succinct descriptions. In part four medical diseases of interest are described in detail that concern medically compromised patients mostly seen in hospital practice. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM.

The management of most orofacial lesions and conditions considered under various titles presents a well balanced over-view, putting forward both sides of the arguments in those areas where there are many and deep controversies. Occasionally the authors’ individual prejudices are allowed to shine through, but nevertheless the balance is generally very well done. In some sections however, treatment suggestions are limited, often simplified, without attention to evidence based therapies

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