Only the Strong by Amanda M. Lee

Book Only the Strong by Amanda M. Lee is available to download free in pdf mobi format.

Only the Strong by Amanda M. Lee

About Book

The Death Gate is down and Izzy Sage is at a crossroads. What will happen when they throw the switch and bring it back? She’s all atwitter on the big day…and then things only get more twisted when Zoe Lake-Winters, a powerful mage, walks through the door with her husband and daughter in tow. Zoe is an enigma, one Izzy is drawn to, but before they can get to know one another a revenant crosses the newly-opened gate and a magical explosion from Zoe’s daughter Sami causes more mayhem…and an additional coverup.

Two very different worlds are colliding, and Izzy and Zoe are at the center of it. The mystery of the other side is dark and deep and Zoe finds she’s intrigued…even if her methods are a bit extreme for the Grimlocks. There’s a conspiracy afoot, and it’s anybody’s guess who at the reaper council has been compromised. Sheer grit and determination will bring a mage and a bruja together, but it’s loyalty that will ultimately guide them.

It seems someone is erecting gates in various locations around the city, but why? What do they hope to accomplish? Is a full-scale revenant attack imminent? Only time will tell, and when the battle comes, two powerful beings will have to come together to protect what they love most.

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