Oral Health Office March 2015

Book Oral Health Office March 2015 is available to download free in pdf format.

Oral Health Office March 2015

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The concept that our tongue could be considered an organ rather than just another muscle, affecting many of the other body systems, seems to be foreign to many in the dental and medical community. If we consider all the different body systems, it becomes obvious that our tongue interacts with many of these systems. When an infant is tongue-tied, the tongue restriction may cause it to rest in the airway, interfering and reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain, thus interfering with normal neurologic growth and development. This reduction in oxygen has the potential to also affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. When the tie is ignored and left untreated, as the infant matures it may also affect the skeletal and oral facial development. Ankyloglossia may contribute to speech difficulties, which can play a role in psychological development and behavioral growth of these children.

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