Small Animal Neurology An Illustrated Text

Book Small Animal Neurology An Illustrated Text is available to download free in pdf format.

Small Animal Neurology An Illustrated Text

About Book

This successful illustrated textbook has been authored by a group of international experts on small animal neurology, now brought up to date for the English-speaking market by one of the most acknowledged neurologist in the USA.

The general section presents a detailed description of the neurological investigation, as well as an exhaustive explanation of neuropathology and genetic diseases. A good introduction to the practically relevant bases of neurology is provided by the chapters on laboratory tests, anesthesia, radiology, electrodiagnostics, rehabilitation, and pharmacology. Neurosurgery and neurological emergencies are described and explained in detail.

The specific section discusses neurological diseases according to their localization and provides concrete information about the diagnosis and therapy of individual clinical disease patterns.

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