Textbook of Oral Medicine 2th Edition

Book Textbook of Oral Medicine 2th Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

Textbook of Oral Medicine 2th Edition

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Salient Features: Imparts very textual approach to oral medicine, Correlates radiological appearance of the disease with clinical appearance with special emphasis on diagnosis of lesion, Focuses on systemic diseases affecting the oral cavity, Features medicolegal issues, controversial diseases and terminologies used in dentistry, There is exclusive addition of MCQs in the book, Systemic presentation of disease, disease process, and basic science which help students to better understand disease, Highly beneficial for students of dentistry. Anil Ghom has over 10 years of experience in the areas of Teaching, Educational Assessment, Scientific Research, Student Relations and General Administration. He is dedicated, resourceful and innovative instructor who strives to help students change marginal grades into good grades and supports colleagues and administration in facilitating intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. He has published Textbook of Oral Medicine, Textbook of Oral Radiology, Textbook of Oral Pathology and Mini Atlas of Oral Medicine which received tremendous response in India and abroad. He has experience of facilitating/coaching students by using interactive discussions and hands-on approaches to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects. He has exceptional communication, presentation and mentoring skills. Section 1: Basics, 1. Oral Diseases: An Introduction, 2. Development and Eruption of Teeth, 3. Development and Anatomy of Craniofacial Region, 4. Immunity, Antigen-Antibody Reaction, 5. Neoplasm, 6. Infection Control in Dental Office, Section 2: Diagnostic Procedures, 7. Case History, 8. Investigation in Dentistry, Section 3: Diseases of Oral Structure, 9. Teeth Anomalies, 10. Developmental Defect of Craniofacial Structure, 11. Keratotic and Nonkeratotic Lesions, 12. Oral Premalignant Lesions and Conditions, 13. Cysts of Jaw, 14. Odontogenic Tumor of Jaw, 15. Benign Tumor of Jaw, 16. Malignant Tumor of Jaw, 17. Vesicular Bullous and Erosive Lesions, 18. Orofacial Pain, 19. Infections of Oral Cavity, 20. Oral Pigmentation, 21. Dental Caries, 22. Diseases of Tongue, 23. Diseases of Lip, 24. Gingival and Periodontal Diseases, 25. TMJ Disorders, 26. Salivary Gland Disorders, 27. Disorders of Maxillary Sinus, 28. Traumatic Injuries of Oral Cavity, 29. Soft Tissue Calcifications, Section 4: Systemic Diseases, Manifested in Jaw, 30. Bacterial Infections, 31. Viral Infections, 32. Fungal Infections, 33. Specific System Disorders, 34. Diseases of Bone Manifested in Jaw, 35. AIDS, 36. Endocrine Disorders, 37. Blood Disorders, 38. Vitamins, 39. Metabolic Disorders, Section 5: Drugs used in Dentistry, 40. Antibiotics, 41. Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Drugs, 42. Antifungal Drugs, 43. Anticancer Drugs, 44. Antiviral Drugs, 45. Corticosteroids, 46. Desensitizing Agents, Gum Paints and Mouthwashes, 47. Drugs used in Pregnancy, 48. Emergency Drugs used in Dentistry, Section 6: Miscellaneous, 49. Professional Hazards of Dentistry, 50. Forensic Dentistry, 51. Controversial Diseases and Terminologies.

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