Dead in the Water by Wilfred Jules

Book Dead in the Water by Wilfred Jules is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Dead in the Water by Wilfred Jules

About Book

When a Lewes resident is found murdered on his sailing yacht in Brighton Marina, the case lands on the desk of 28-year old Detective Inspector Ianthe Seymour of Sussex Police and her team. There are no witnesses, CCTV in the immediate vicinity of the boat has been tampered with and access systems to the jetty at the Marina show nothing unusual. Who did this, why and how did the murderer gain access?While trying to solve this baffling case, DI Ianthe Seymour equally needs to face the demons in her private life, as do the members of her team, some of whom have secrets they would rather not spill. Questions are raised about professional ethics and integrity and intra-cultural relationships.

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